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About me

Kate Plum– a fashion designer born in Poland, a graduate of the Academy of Visual Arts in Poznań. For many years, she collaborated with renowned clothing companies in Poland, where she gained many years of experience and created her own workshop, distinguished by excellent construction and careful finishing.

In 2010, she opened a tailoring studio in Ireland, which quickly gained a large following of regular customers. Since 2015, she has been creating unusual collections under her own Kate Plum brand. Her unusual designs are a tribute to femininity

The mission

The brand’s mission is to combine elegant designs made of high-quality knitted fabrics with their extreme comfort and sporty looseness.

According to Kate Plum, a wardrobe is more than just clothing. It is a reflection of personality, a statement of beliefs, a manifesto of values and a lifestyle. Kate Plum searches for solutions that emphasize the sensuality of the female body, harmonizing with the inner beauty. Brave and decisive, unique and independent – a modern woman is an individualist who values refined beauty and everyday freedom.

The highest quality

Individual style

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